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Must Have Luxury Home Essentials

If you’re a lover of interior design and want your house to look good and upgraded all the time, this is your chance to do so! Instead of spending too much time and money on something you may end up disliking, it is always best to do something as good as shortlisting a few items […]

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From agriculture to architecture: houses are made with rice. The project of the Ricehouse startup

“Fifteen years ago my partner and I, who is also my partner, moved to Biella and we found ourselves living in the middle of the rice fields. We have noticed how much waste remained on the fields, destined to be burned, because not suitable for breeding, as it happens for other crops. Since the straw of other […]

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Development cooperation in Italy

Italy promotes cooperation with developing countries and supports policies of intervention consistent with United Nations initiatives, which aim to reduce poverty and consolidate institutional structures in developing countries. Historically, the Italian cooperative commitment in the international field began immediately after the Second World War, in the ’50s and’ 60s, with interventions in the former African […]