FTTP to be offered free to all new build sites of 30 or more premises

FTTP to be offered free to all new build sites of 30 or more premises

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This site is here to help developers, house-builders, architects and new home owners.

Building new developments is rewarding and challenging. We appreciate getting everything together at the right time can be a balancing act. We’re here to make things easier when it comes to your communications infrastructure. We’ve created this site so you can find the information you need quickly and easily to ensure your communications network gets built on time.

Whether you want a broadband (copper) or fibre broadband connection this website will guide you through the process.

The beauty of our network is that it doesn’t restrict you to one particular supplier. We provide the infrastructure for over 500 different service providers, so people can choose who they want to supply their phone, broadband and TV services.

In this site you will find information on:

  • Working with us
  • Copper and Fibre handbooks
  • Terms and conditions
  • Marketing brochures and collateral to support your sales teams and customers
  • FAQs

 If you have just moved into a brand new home, we have some information that will help you order the right product for your home so you get your service as quickly as possible.

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